VMware in the News: Support Research and Education

What happens when the IT industry's leading virtualization software company partners with California’s largest nonprofit research and education network? Everyone wins!

In late April of this year, VMware and CENIC announced an agreement that will streamline the purchase of VMware technologies by its members. The end goal is to improve security, reduce costs, and simplify information access through a software-defined standpoint. This is a great example of how a .com and a .edu can work together.

CENIC runs a high-capacity network designed to meet the unique requirements of over 20 million users, including the majority of students, together with educators, researchers, and other vital public-serving institutions.

With this partnership in place, CENIC’s 10,000-member institutions will extend VMware’s virtualization and cloud solutions statewide. All facets of education, from libraries to higher ed, can now purchase VMware’s products, designed to simplify complex IT environments and positively impact student learning. More and more educational institutions, at all levels, will look to cloud and virtual infrastructure to mobilize the student experience and enhance student learning.

Digital transformation is more than just a buzz word in every boardroom, it's now a reality and can start at the earliest levels of our education system. This partnership goes beyond lower prices. CENIC prides itself on providing California’s learning institutions with world-class networking infrastructure, so it would only make sense that VMware be chosen as a best-in-class provider of cloud infrastructure and business mobility.