Tips on Migrating to the Cloud

Despite the fact that more enterprises are migrating to the cloud than ever before, the whole idea of cloud migration leaves many IT departments feeling intimidated. But moving all of your applications to the cloud can be done, and it can even be painless. Follow our tips for a seamless migration that takes your business to the next level.
Plan ahead. You need both a short and long-term strategy in place well before you begin the migration. Having a comprehensive, step-by-step plan will allow you to migrate applications and data in the proper order and will keep you from wasting time or money.
Ask questions. As part of your planning, ask pertinent questions concerning cloud storage costs, compatibility, and regulatory requirements. Determine the answers ahead of time so there are no surprises.
Think through security. Speaking of regulations, you’ll need to address governance and privacy requirements. Are you working with a partner whose solution is fully compliant? What about firewalls and/or data encryption?
Address the now. What impact will the migration have on your current system? Map out your current applications and determine which rely on the data you’re migrating. Your migration plan should minimize disruption to any services you currently use.
Address the future. You should also consider future growth and how cloud storage will fit in with it. Make sure that your plan for cloud storage meshes with your future business requirements.
Finally, you need a business partner who can help you work through these considerations. At IMPEX, we have the experience and expertise to work with you on cloud migration. Talk to us today about a migration plan that will meet the evolving demands of your company.