The Software Defined Data Center – Ready to Virtualize?

With today’s highly complex datacenters, expectations for IT to deliver applications and services at increasingly fast speed and scale are greater than ever. Automated application and infrastructure provisioning, workflow orchestration and self-service management tools are necessary to streamline and optimize resources and speed up delivery of vital business services. But don’t let complexity and demand leave you scratching your head.

IMPEX Technologies is demystifying the software-defined data center or, SDDC for short. SDDC, which can also be known as a virtual data center, is one in which the entire infrastructure is virtualized and delivered as a service. SDDC takes complete control of the data center through fully automated intelligent software. Unlike traditional data centers which have an infrastructure typically defined by hardware and devices, with SDDC, hardware configuration is fully maintained and totally automated through a single graphical user interface. There are three components to SDDC:


  • Server Virtualization: partitions a physical server into smaller virtual servers and includes products from companies such as VMware, Microsoft and Citrix.
  • Software-defined Networking: centralizes control of the network by separating the control logic to off-device computer resources. VMware NSX and Cisco ACI are all players in this space.
  • Software-defined Storage: programming that controls storage-related tasks is decoupled from the physical storage hardware. OpenStack, EMC, Nexenta, and HP are all leaders in this area.

There is also a host of automation/provisioning/orchestration tools including Puppet Enterprise from Puppet Labs, UCS Director from Cisco, and vRealize Orchestrator from VMWare. Moving to SDDC can empower companies with speed and nimbleness like never before, leaving time and resources to concentrate on the applications that drive business. Other benefits of SDDC:

  • Tailored: SDDC delivers an infrastructure that is highly automated and offers the flexibility and efficiency to suit specific needs and applications.
  • Efficient: Simplified and unified processes for deploying cloud-based services take a matter of minutes, replacing processes that typically take weeks or months.
  • Lower costs: Automated operations management drive high levels of resource utilization and staff productivity.
  • Scalable: Resource levels automatically adjust to meet continually changing business demands.
  • Control: Automated business continuity and virtualization-aware security provide control over resource access and deployment.
  • Universal: Run both new and existing applications across multiple platforms and clouds, with instant delivery to any user on any device.
  • Unifies: SDDCs allows businesses to easily combine, customize and commission server, storage and networking resources through a single, common interface SDDCs are considered by many to be the next step in the evolution of virtualization and cloud computing because it provides a solution to support both legacy enterprise applications and new cloud computing services.

Learn about virtualization trends, best practices and the latest technology tools you need to transform conventional configurations into seamless, “agile solutions”. IMPEX works with a variety of top-tier vendors to provide you with the best technology available. We have expertise and best-in-class products to address cloud, unified computing, Big Data, storage, virtualization, security, and backup and archive requirements.