Spotlight on IMPEX Partners: Dell/EMC

Partnerships are vital to the success of any organization. This is even more prevalent with IT systems integrators and service providers. Customers need choice and flexibility, quality solutions, and products with great value that are financially viable. One benefit of working with an IT systems integrator is that they are not beholden to one manufacturer and can offer a third-party independent look at what the marketplace has to offer based on their customers' needs. Conversely, customers want to make sure that they are investing in the right technology to solve today’s problems with the ability to scale up to answer tomorrow's challenges.

Dell/EMC is one of IMPEX's trusted partners and is now the largest global IT solutions manufacturer in the world. The innovations and advancements in technology offerings are endless. The research and development that Dell/EMC invests every year dwarfs what some of the competitive landscape does in gross sales.

Dell/EMC has a wide range of solutions, such as innovative PCs including notebooks, laptops, desktops, and virtual desktops. Data center solutions include servers, networking, a multitude of storage options, backup and recovery, industry-leading VMWare, IT Services and Support, as well as SecureWorks and RSA to cover all of your IT security needs.

Partnering with an industry leader like Dell/EMC, ensures IMPEX that all of its customers' needs are exceeded. Strategic partnerships like this can also offer flexible payment terms to fit with almost any customer need. Financing, leasing, and buy-back options have become more and more popular, as today’s technology can be obsolete in 18 months.