Solutions to Finance Your Digital Transformation

Digital transformation. That's a hot topic for nearly every business in existence. Most businesses are either in the middle of or planning for their own digital transformation. Each gives the phrase a different meaning. For one business, it may mean greater use of cloud technology. For another, the phrase signifies a simplified supply and distribution chain. For others, it could mean a streamlined marketing process that depends on business intelligence and personalized marketing. For your business, it may mean something entirely different.

How you respond to the push for digital transformation depends on your business model, industry, and the financial health of your enterprise. Transformation — digital or otherwise — comes at a cost of time, resources, and money. Yet putting off a digital transformation may also include opportunity costs.

What can delaying digital transformation cost you?

Postponing digital upgrades and transformation of your business comes at a cost.

  • Competitive advantage: You may be unable to keep up with the offerings of your closest competitors.
  • Market share: Your customer base may migrate to a more updated, more nimble business.
  • Partnership opportunities: If you don't keep pace with the technology advances of your business partners, they may be forced to find other providers.
  • Inability to use a mobile workforce: As telework and remote work options become easier to implement, you may find yourself with fewer choices among new hires if you can't accommodate the mobile workforce.

What are the business advantages of financing a digital transformation?

Financing helps businesses spread costs out over time. It can ease cash flow constraints and capital reduction. Short-term operating expenses may be a pressing need that makes financing software, hardware, and services essential. You may also worry about equipment obsolescence. Several financing options are available that answer that concern. 

At IMPEX, we understand the needs of both the SMB and enterprise to safeguard their cash flow. That's why IMPEX Total Solution Financing provides you with:

  • Maximized cash flow through 100-percent financing of hardware, software, and services
  • Protection against equipment obsolescence (end-of-life)
  • Flexible purchase and renewal options
  • Conservation of capital and credit resources
  • The convenience of one monthly payment for your total solution

Do you need to explore options to finance a digital transformation? If you need more information, contact IMPEX Finance Services. Call us toll-free at (877) 444-6739 or email us to learn more.