Is It Time to Modernize Your Data Center?

At the center of Data Center Modernization is finding out how to do things faster, smaller, cheaper, and with more flexibility. IT departments within organizations are often challenged in that they generally inherit legacy IT hardware such as older storage arrays, server platforms, and software licensing that doesn't match their long-term IT transformation goals. Business applications that control critical business functions might be outdated or poorly managed. They have pieces and parts that may or may not be fully integrated or running at optimal levels. Once the IT industry started moving away from monolithic big iron to X86 server architecture, costs came down; however, server and data center sprawl took place. Networking needs grew at this time as well as rack space, which directly increased power demands and the overall IT footprint.

The good news is that systems are decreasing in size and power consumption and increasing in capacity and scalability. Many organizations have taken the first step of DC Modernization by introducing converged or hyper-converged technologies into their environments. By combining traditional servers, storage, and networking into one appliance cost, reductions are already taking place.

As part of your DC Modernization path, it goes without saying that cloud offerings from AWS and Azure are game-changers. Cloud offerings appear to be endless and a very attractive option to help lower initial costs and offer more control and flexibility. So no matter where you are in your Data Center transformational journey, or what Data Center Modernization means to you, you will need IT expertise to handle these tough questions on a daily basis and guide you to success.