How to Use ID Management to Protect Yourself from Security Threats

Show of hands: Who thinks security will get easier in 2017?

Obviously, no one thinks that. In fact, a roundup of 2017 cybersecurity predictions paints a fairly dire picture.

Many of those predictions center around compromised passwords and lax identity and access management (IAM). That’s a top issue for good reason: The 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report found that 63% of confirmed data breaches involved weak, default, or stolen passwords.

That makes it the top security threat faced by businesses today. Beyond malware. Beyond ransomware.

So what is the answer? Good password hygiene is obviously step one. But beyond that, a stronger identity and access management suite builds another layer of defense.

IMPEX recommends the RSA SecurID Suite. It’s a leading and lauded IAM tool.

  • 2016 Leader in the Forrester Wave™: Identity Management and Governance.
  • 2016 Gartner® Magic Quadrant: Identity as a Service (IDaaS).
  • 2016 SC Magazine Award, Best Multifactor Authentication Solution.

RSA SecurID recognizes the struggle that cloud, mobile, and weaponized cyber attacks place on today’s businesses.

Like most identity vendors, the RSA SecurID Suite provides the components you’d expect in an identity solution:

  • Secure, convenient access controls (multi-factor authentication and single sign-on) ensuring users are who they say they are
  • Control of who can access what
  • Compliance with regulations and organizational policies
  • Reduced identity risk

But there are areas where RSA SecurID Suite is different. Unlike other identity vendors, the RSA SecurID Suite:

  • Removes user friction by letting users select from the broadest range of authentication methods, which are matched aligned to the context or risk of the situation and organization policies.
  • Provides the only identity solution that combines the separate disciplines of access, governance, lifecycle, and identity assurance.
  • Drives smarter decision making through insight and identity intelligence.
  • Offers 30-plus years of leading the security and identity market evidenced by 25,000 customers.

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