Cloud Computing and Security – Is Your Data Safe?

The growth of cloud computing has been explosive over the past few years.  Everyone from small mom-n-pop businesses to large enterprises are excited over the opportunities it presents to reduce costs, enable a flexible infrastructure, provide additional time to focus on core competencies and the agility of on-demand provisioning of computing.  However, along with that excitement comes concern.  Security over data privacy and data location are top of mind. Today, IMPEX Technologies helps answer the question: “Is data safe in the cloud?”

It seems news outlets are continually reporting large-scale security breaches of consumer and financial data from very high profile companies.  These businesses know firsthand the negative impact data breaches can have on an organization. Brand damage, financial impact and productivity losses are just some of the ways an operation can be affected. And it doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon, as criminals continue to leverage new technologies to improve their reach and avoid detection to improve the effectiveness of their crimes.

While most providers strive to ensure security is well integrated into their service models, it is critical for consumers of those services to understand the security implications associated with the usage, management, orchestration and monitoring of cloud services.

Businesses need to vet providers carefully, making sure they are working with leading companies, use best practices and employ the latest technologies to detect and defend against malicious threats. For example, IMPEX partners with EMC’s RSA security division to protect sensitive data such as customer credit card data, employee PII and corporate intellectual property. IMPEX also works with Cisco to provide industry-leading security and control, advanced threat defense capabilities and roaming user protection.

If you are considering a move to the cloud or enhancing your current cloud solutions, here are some things your partner and provider should offer in order to detect, investigate and respond to advanced threats:

  • Real-time receipt of user logs
  • Strong API access and auditing controls
  • Encryption and protection of data in transit
  • Strong authentication and access control for administrative access and operations
  • Analyzing of data protection at both design and run time
  • Strong key generation, storage and management and destruction processes

If you and your provider work together to develop a strong, secure cloud-based system, your data should be well protected.  More questions? Let the seasoned consultants at IMPEX guide you through the transformation to a more efficient, reliable infrastructure and give you more time to spend on things that matter. Whether you’re looking to leverage a public cloud offering, build a private cloud, or adopt a hybrid solution, the experts at IMPEX Technologies have the experience to help you select and implement the right solution for your business.