Bringing Order to Data Chaos — Impex Partners With Cohesity

“Big” is too small a word. Astronomical. That’s a better word to describe the explosion of data in recent years. Managing this data has become a struggle for every business. This challenge makes the Impex and Cohesity partnership timely.

Many companies struggle with cold data storage. That’s data that needs to be stored but is accessed much less frequently than hot or current data. Businesses need to store cold data to free up space in their more expensive storage tiers.

Beyond the need to free up space are also requirements to retain cold data for so many years. This impacts verticals like healthcare, law, finance, and government.

For many, the answer has been tape backups stored off-site. This has been an inexpensive answer, but hardly an elegant one. If you need to recover from tape, it can take days or weeks to retrieve the data, much less restore it. For today’s business, time is of the essence.

Cohesity helps companies of all sizes bring order to this data chaos. How? They offer secondary storage solutions housed in the cloud.  

Current solutions force customers to work with many vendors, manage multiple licenses, and store data offsite. This option can be hard to manage and doesn’t offer the easy solution most businesses want.

However, cold data storage in the cloud is a cheap and agile way to address this problem. Recovery can be done in minutes to hours. It’s also a simpler method and much easier to manage.

The great thing about cloud storage is that it can expand to fit your needs and is inexpensive. Cohesity also offers tiering solutions. Using algorithms, tiering can down-tier or up-tier data between the Cohesity cluster and the cloud.

The Cohesity platform integrates with major public cloud service providers, such as Amazon (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. It also integrates with any private cloud object store that is S3 (Simple Storage Service) compliant. With their simple UI, it takes only minutes to set up a cloud archival job.

Do you need a plan to archive your data? Are you looking to the cloud as your long-term storage solution? We can help. Call us toll free at (877) 444-6739 or email us to discuss how Impex and Cohesity can manage your data.