Application Monitoring: Essential for Every Business

APM, or Application Performance Management, has come a very long way in a short period of time. Not so long ago, enterprise owners were frustrated with APM offerings that had a low level of integration and took up too much of their own staff’s time.  What early APM offerings neglected to consider was that environments are dynamic; one size doesn't fit all, and many tools would provide visibility but not a root cause.

Fast forward to today, the goal of APM is a unified dashboard that displays the overall health of the IT services and a holistic view of the IT environment in real time and from a historical view. Today’s solutions must be able to determine if you have a problem, or may have a problem in the future, through robust performance monitoring of all components of the application and supporting infrastructure, including system and network performance.

Advanced solutions must have the ability to suggest or take corrective action to resolve performance issues before they impact the user community. Alternatively, APM systems should integrate into other IT process automation tools that can resolve issues.

When you boil it all down, the true benefit of an APM is to retain customers, minimize abandonment and maximize revenue streams through optimizing the performance of your web applications. Inform organizational decisions by providing your application support, IT operations, development, and business stakeholders with answers, not just data.

As an example, some major hotel chains benefit from APM tools to help grow and maximize the mobile aspect of their business. The ability to mark key activities in their application and report real performance data across multiple mobile apps as well as their website is vital to their success.

As an organization your IT and business goals should include:

  • Delivering a detailed end-user experience
  • Monitoring and playback for quick response by support teams
  • Enabling proactive website monitoring
  • Marking key activities in your business critical applications for real end-user performance

Then, investing the time and financial resources behind a solid APM solution will be worth every penny.